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About Us

Early in 1995, a steering committee of Paramedics began the ambitious task of creating a legal and administrative structure for the Ontario Paramedic Association. This professional association is a registered 'not for profit' organization representing Paramedics across the province. We are not a labour union and membership is always a choice.

Since its formation, the OPA has worked to enhance the professional image of paramedics, to improve communications between paramedics, and to lobby for improvements to the standards of patient care. Some of the initiatives include the “OPA Queen's Park Lobby Days", “Send The Pros Campaign", and regular participation on provincial and national EMS committees.

The 'OPA News' is a bi-monthly newsletter published in Canadian Emergency News magazine and is sent to all members as part of their membership package.

In 2001, the OPA held its first provincial conference focusing on education & networking for paramedics. The OPA's 'Paramedicine' conferences have grown to become one of the premier Paramedic education conferences in Canada.

The OPA has expanded its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here, the OPA website features a variety of informational pages for the general public, paramedics, and of course, our members. The website also includes a “store" where memberships, conference registrations and promotional materials may be purchased, as well as a forum area for members to share ideas, consult fellow paramedics, provide direction to the OPA Executive, and network.



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